Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Markman & McGann: Separated at Birth?

Paul McGann

Howard Markman

One's an excellent British thespian, fondly remembered as an ertswhile Doctor Who, Idris Elba's wife's overly sensitive lover "Mark North" on Luther, and the "I" (aka "Marwood") in the cult movie Withnail and I.

The other is a veteran Baltimore guitarist-songwriter who's been making soulful music since the '70s in styles ranging from Deadhead-jamming Milton Freewater and disappear fear (featuring SONiA Rutstein) to the free-range stylistic stew of Palookaville and solo outings like Welcome To Smalltimore.

What they have in common is the ability to rock the furrowed-brow look of artistic suffering and world-weary wisdom. Oh, and the fuzzy chin thing. (Am I the only one to notice this? Am I the only one to care?)

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